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We all live our lives and design our artificial surroundings according to the observed laws of physics. Even our bodies adapt to these laws. Are there situations where things are radically different? Where the known rules may not apply? One mysterious object might come close: the elusive black holes. Black holes are objects in space where the gravitational force in its immediate surrounding is so strong that nothing, not even light can escape from. An infinitely small and infinitely dense singularity sits in the center of a black hole which may be an exit from our known universe, sort of a bottomless pit. The gravitational force is infinite at the singularity and the known laws of physics may not apply to its properties. It may very well be that according to its very nature we will never be able to come up with the rules describing how the singularity behaves. The mirror in the center of the torus shows the observer upside down. The rules of our world do not apply to this upside down world. We exit our known universe and enter something unknown, a weird, incomprehensible new world. What rules govern this new world? We may never know because by its very nature we can not experience it, we can only observe it from the outside. It looks upside down from the outside but how does it look from the inside? We do not know and we perhaps will never know, all we can do is stare at it from our universe and wonder about its different and mysterious rules which are out of our reach. Founders Award in Budapest Jewellery Week 2019

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Copper, nut-wood, rose-gold plated silver, oxidised silver, Japanese textile string
110 mm diameter
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